Lights and Special Effects

Events wouldn’t be complete without proper lighting that will not just illuminate, but add special effects to any venue.

Red Damien understands your needs and has come up with a wide array of light and special effects to match event requirements — whether big or small.

We invest in state-of-the-art lighting equipment to assist you in creating events that can speak for itself. Red Damien offers lighting fixtures that can be hung or used as stand alone. We make use of control boards, dimmer boards, power distribution and special effects, to offer a complete lights and special effects rental package that you’ll need for your show.

Red Damien Lights Up Your Experience

Leave your audience in awe with with stunning lights and astonishing special effects that spice up any venue! Trust your stage lighting design with Red Damien, one of the prominent names in sound, light and stage reinforcement in the Philippines.

Our Lights and Special Effects Rental

Event Lights Rental

Stage Lighting Rentals

We offer stage lighting rentals that can instantly transform any plain event into an extraordinary moment for you and your audience.

Stage Lights for Rent

Special Lighting Effects

We have a wide and diverse array of lighting and special effects offered at affordable rates.

Fogging Machine Supplier

Fog Machine Rentals

We have dependable fog machines to provide the special effects you’ll need for concerts, presentations and other types of events.

As an outfit ran by passionate artists themselves, Red Damien understands how much you value your event. Because of this, we always strive to meet and even surpass your expectations to ignite the fun and turn ordinary occasions into unforgettable occasions.

With all the events we have handled throughout our more than 20 years in the industry, you are guaranteed to witness a spectacular show of of our high-quality lights and special effects. Our professional lights and sounds system rental company combines the expertise of our well-experienced team of lighting experts with top-notch lighting equipment, including special effects and fog machine rentals that can provide you with the brilliant experience that you desire.

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