Stage and Trusses Rental and Sales

How the lights and other equipments positioned matter in the show, as it can greatly affect the overall aesthetics of your event. Stage and trusses play an important role in sufficiently supporting your fixtures in the air or even on the ground. If you need these for your stage, Red Damien got your back!

Whether you are in search of stage and trusses rental or if you are interested in stage and trusses sales, we offer high-quality equipment from trusted suppliers to assist you with your need.

Professional Stage and Trusses Rental

Red Damien Supports Your Event

With our more than two decades of serving the music and entertainment industry in the country, Red Damien knows exactly what the customers need and want for their events, and we are more than glad to satisfy them. Trust Red Damien whenever your show needs utility support solutions, offering you endless possibilities to achieve your desired event.

Durable stage truss rentals to give the support that your event requires.

Extensive design options including round truss, angle truss, spacer truss, heavy and light duty truss, and many more.

Wide range of stage and truss sizes to fit your specific needs.

If you have other inquiries about our stage truss rentals or interested on stage and trusses sales, contact us so we can assist you.